Today is a new day

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Learn to  fight from those who have tested and won;  live to fight for without the fight you/we all lose.   May it be a Biker, a Woman, any group must join in and fight. For you see a fight is not that of one person it takes many and money to win.   If you wish to take a back seat and sit it out because you think this isn’t for you maybe your right.   However this is  your right but don’t say a word or cry the I would have or should have I could have made the difference.   FREEDOM IS ON THE TABLE AND EACH DAY WE ARE LOOSING MORE OF THEM.    IF YOU VOTE THINK WHAT THAT PERSON HAS DONE AND WHAT MORE CAN THEY DO TO YOU/US MORE LAWS MEAN LESS FREEDOMS.


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