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sleeping cat burning candle

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sleeping cat burning candle

here is the link that was lost just before this



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I learned from one can do all kinds of lighting if you know what it is you see in your head, it is nice to have all the lighting equipment if one had the money but that will not make the photographer.  Not only must you see it nut now either adding or taking away what you see.  I did enter a photo it might not be what they thought as tops but I don’t care I would have liked to see them get done what I was able to do with two house lights. Let me know what you think.

Now is the time to work with lighting and getting it right

smugmug meeting

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we had a guest speaker last night from shootdotnet if i were a full time shooter i would use them

The artistry of tattooing

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The artistry of tattooing.

since i’m 61 i’m looking at the fine art of tattoo there is an art student working on it right now as soon as i have it in had i’ll send you a copy .  the color i see in your work is great.  thank you

“It has always been done this way”

 have fun brake the rules only then will you know if it where right

158:366.3 – Solo

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I like this very much it is very dark mood, quiet and peace great job

365 Days of Whatever

158:366.3 – Solo, a photo by Andrew Parent on Flickr.

AB800 @ 1/4 w 20d grid camera right (behind me) triggered w PW II

this is day 158 of my third year in pictures…

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Ft Rosecrans Ca

We ride as one to a place of fallen solders and families alike HONOR in our goal with the flags held high.

“May We Never Forget”